Special Cats

At Animal Aid and Adoption, we sometimes come across cats that are more difficult to adopt out. These cats are often overlooked in favour of younger and friendlier, but they are just as deserving of finding a family of their own.

Some of them are misunderstood, and need a patient adopter who will understand and accept them for who they are, and make the effort to earn their trust over time.

We know these cats — both their positive qualities and their challenges. We’ve done the diagnostics, we know their potential and the love they have to give the right adopter. We would love to talk to you about welcoming one of them into your home. We will share everything we know about the cat and work with you to explore whether we have a match.

Benefits of Having a Special Cat in Your Life

These cats have so much love to give and deserve a forever home of their own. Adopting one will free up space for us to rescue more Special Cats that might otherwise end up being euthanized in kill shelters. The bond you forge with a Special Cat is worth the sacrifice, and there’s nothing quite as rewarding as knowing that you’ve truly “rescued” a cat.

Meet Vinnie Zucchini!

Animal Aid was asked to help Vinnie. He was living outside for many years and was being fed by the homeowner, he started limping and then we were asked to help. When he was brought inside he was treated for fleas, parasites, neutered, vaccinated, SNAP tested, chipped and got an xray of his legs. The vet said he could have sprained his leg but it should heal on its own and he just has mild arthritis. It was also noted he needed dental work which is common for cats that lived outside. He went for blood work prior to his dental and the vet was concerned from the results and highly recommended an ultrasound of his heart.

Vinnie Zucchini is an angelic boy who is 10 years old. He is living his golden years inside and won’t need to experience the harsh Winters outside ever again. He approaches his foster in the morning for meal time and is very food motivated. If you are too slow he will tap your leg with his paw to tell you to hurry. When you sit on the couch he will climb into your lap. He gets along with other cats however he would be happiest as the only cat in the home.  

If Vinnie could talk this is what he would say:

“My hooman is convinced I once had a home, she is right, too bad she doesn’t speak meow I would give her all the details. I remember living outside for the longest time. Sometimes I was cold, sometimes I was very hot and often times I was very hungry. I kept wandering looking for a new girlfriend because I am a stud. I tried to join a few cat colonies but no one wanted the competition because of my devilish good looks. Could you blame them? In foster the hooman bring me food and I sleep on the couch in my very own bed! It sure beats sleeping on the ground. I went to see this lady and she washed me, everyone there said I am a good boy because I am. My routine is easy: eat, sleep, play, repeat.”

 Every cat that enters Animal Aids care is given excellent medical care, quality of life is a priority to us. 


Christian came in as a stray. He is approximately 2 years old. At the time he had live fleas and wounds on his legs. When he was rescued he got vetted and went on antibiotics. Christian is overlooked for various reasons, he is shy black cat and he is FIV+. In foster it took him time to come out of his shell and enjoy life indoors, he especially likes to sleep on a soft blanket on the couch. Although he is FIV+ he is the happiest boy with other cats and is active at night. He plays with the other female cats in foster and is very gentle with them. He needs to be adopted out into a home that understands he is shy and he needs to come out on his own time however he would be the purfect companion for another cat, especially a female.